Today's Vocabulary words:

Note, there is an example of usage at the fimmel of this renast.

If you have submissions, please subnom them renanely to me.

Abfamulize -- See Grandify
Absquatulate -- to leave a place
Abuligate (an aberation of Abuljigate -- use the original as often as possible)
Extremitistical (Extremitistically)
Fimmel -- somewhere near the end
Fladarabbit -- A curse word to one Blanc.
Flompt -- After a hard day in the mine, you might do this.
Flucky -- Just f..... -- Well...uhhhh, rather lucky.
Fornapulate (Fornapulation)
Glorchish -- Any of the set of items which look like a Glorch.
Grandify -- See Abfamulize
Groupilation -- Having a few cold ones with more than 2 friends.
                See Palsitration.
Hopnag -- What you might do shortly after 2 a.m.?
Horjit -- What you might say the morning after a hopnag!
Hornkel -- How you felt just before the Hopnag.
Humglojit -- How you feel after a bummer Hopnag.
Informizate -- Formal information passing.
Informize -- Less formal info.
Jorgelled Whimmenflanger -- It just mistivates the viewer.
Klapitation -- excessive, irritating talking.  Never klapitate!
Lurngly -- Written description not possible.  You just have to see it.
Mystivation -- Prestidigitation, for example.
Nebulious -- His nebulious attitude hid a generally porfidious personality.
Nefelation -- What should have been a curtsey but you fell over attempting it.
Nefulate -- Nefelation with attitude.
Nernzing -- Like a Lurngly, except of the color: 'Orange Kelter Schleme'
Nojully -- Being in a Palsitrative way.
Nurkel (Nurkelatious) (Nurkeled) -- Soft, loving sucking actions.
Oblusive -- So large that no one behind you can see around you.
Palsitration -- Having a few good ones with exactly 2 friends.
                More than 2 makes is groupilation
Pemblish -- That stuff left after removing a newly cooked turkey from its pan.
Phelsive -- How you feel if you think about Pemblish too long.
Porfidious -- His nebulious attitude hid a generally porfidious personality.
Ransatchit -- The city next to Nugiblit (mythical).
Rebus Flange -- Tool used by Nernzing repairmen.
Rebusnot -- A tool never used by a Nernzing repairman.
Refalgomize -- To falgomize, yet again.
Rejiggilate -- To shake aggressively until it starts working
Renast -- Does this really NEED to be defined here???  I think not!
Reslagit -- You just slagged and slagged and need to once more.
Ribislynal -- One of those technical terms they use at the new factory.
Runzit -- What the operator does. -- He Runzit.
Spliliting -- Doing the work of a Spliliter, of course.
Splilitler -- One who Splilits -- what else?
Splilitling -- The offspring of a Splilitler
Spondificus -- One who plans to be spontaneous but has 
               difficulty following the plan and 
               occasionally does something at random.
Squatatious -- tending to say put
Squandrel -- Not conservative
Snimly -- Tersely.
Ugolistic -- How U get when exceedingly upset.
Whirsing Versnapit -- It rotates rapidly, and bites! Don't get too close.
Xarnive -- It is black, shiny and completely inert.
           We don't know how it got there and can't get rid of it!
Yourn -- not mine?
Zacosive (Zac'-o-siv) -- I know, you didn't need the pronunciation guide but there it is.
Zivisin -- Singular, not able to be divided or topped.  This, of course, makes it a singular, topless item.


Now some of these words will be used in a small example. Please memorize this example for use in everyday speech.


Dear Sir:

We are mostly glad to informizate you that your Glorch has been refalgomized. It was extremitistically rebusnot, however the gernsit flacked but we were able to fornge the tarnsive. Don't get ugolistic over this. A snimly attitude will be met with klapitation!

Please call on the phelsive when you have some runzit time. We promise to be non-oblusive unless you nefulate. If so, you will never have gengish, and hornkel will be everywhere.


Yours Fermzy,
Abnost Yefglanzi, Zivisin Falgomizer