'The Funetic Alfabet' by: Mike Morrow -- Amateur Call: W6XXX

In our day to day communications, many abbreviations are used. Sometimes, these abbreviations must be
said to someone else. The letters B, C, D, E, G, P, T, V and Z and the number 3 all sound quite alike. The
letters A and K and the number 8 all sound alike, too. When these letters and as well as others are to be
used alone, some help is often needed to make sure that the listener gets the correct letter. For that
reason, sometimes words which start with the letter to be communicated are used in place of the letter so
that the speaker may be more sure that the listener got the correct letter. That is the reason for the
standard Phoenetic Alphabet. Words should be chosen which not only relate the letter, but are also short
and easily understood.

But the previous standard Phoenetic Alphabets are out of date. The word for 'F' is 'Foxtrot'. No one even
knows how to do the Foxtrot any more and the listener might think you were asking for this dance, which
is silly as there is no music playing. When there are multiple words, choose the one which best conveys
the desired meaning.

With all that in mind, the following updated alphabet is submitted for your approval. There are examples
of use at the end of the list.

A as in aisle, aye
B as in bilharziasis, bohemian, bee
C as in czar(zar), cue
D as in djin(gin), doublespeak, double-ewe
E as in eurythmia, euphony, ewe, eye
F as in flocks, flatulent
G as in gnome, gee
H as in honor
I as in ignimbrite, I, iconostasis, ideogrammatically
J as in junta(hunta), jay
K as in knobkerrie, knight, knife
L as in llama(yama), lederhosen, lanuginous, labyrinthodont
M as in mnemonic
N as in nematode
O as in oedipal, oh
P as in phlox(flocks), pneumatic, pea
Q as in quiche, queue
R as in ratiocination, rest(see wrest)
S as in see
T as in tsar(zar), tee
U as in umiak(oomiak), utilitarianism, uncommunicative
V as in vee, valetudinarianism
W as in wrest, why(this list)
X as in xylophone
Y as in you
Z as in zwieback(swyback), zee(the letter Z)

With this new list, a Ham becomes HONOR -- AYE -- MNEMONIC.

And a CAT would be spoken phonetically: CZAR -- AISLE -- TSAR.

The word SOY is especially illustrative: SEE -- OEDIPAL -- YOU.


There now, isn't that a great help. Please use the words in this list whenever you must communicate letters
on the air. Our contacts as well as those to whom you speak at work will appreciate the higher level of
understanding this can provide.