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These pictures were taken on January 15th, 2012 at the Pleasanton Model Train Club.

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These were taken, mostly, with available light.  There are a few made with flash, too, and they are easy to spot.  Some colors really pop with flash on.  These were made with a new camera on my first outing with it so I was experimenting a lot to see how things came out.  For the most part, I am happy with the outcome.  I think I might like to get a soft focus attachment for the flash for next time, if available.  Else put some kind of cloth or plastic over it.  Will take some experimentation.  Meanwhile, enjoy the train setup.  There is LOTS of time and LOTS of money invested in this nice setup.  I don't have the details of it but the main track is very long and one can run multiple trains on the main line and also run trains in the switch yards, simultaneously, with coupling and uncoupling.  They have shows during the year and during the time the fair is in town.  There is a large "backstage" area which I did not photograph.  It includes a large storage switchyard and a spiral up to get trains to the top of the layout. 
Drop by and check this out in person in Pleasanton, California at the fair grounds.

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These two are panorama shots of the layout.


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