These pictures were taken in May of 2014 at the Pleasanton Model Train Club.

These were taken, mostly, with available light.  There are a few made with flash, too, and they are easy to spot.  Some colors really pop with flash on.  These were made with a new Sony camera.  For the most part, I am happy with the outcome.  I think I might like to get a soft focus attachment for the flash for next time, if available.  Else put some kind of cloth or plastic over it.  Will take some experimentation.  Meanwhile, enjoy the train setup.  There is LOTS of time and LOTS of money invested in this nice setup by the current and past club members.  I don't have the details of it but the main track is very long and one can run multiple trains on the main line and also run trains in the switch yards, simultaneously, with coupling and uncoupling.  They have shows during the year and during the time the fair is in town.  Drop by and check it out in Pleasanton, California.  See the last picture for details about the club.
Click on any picture to see a much larger version of that picture.

These two are panorama shots of the layout.


If you enjoyed the pictures and think you might like working on the layout by building various items, contribute to the layout wiring, contribute to train or light automation or be able to help in any other way, please join the club and have the satisfaction of helping make something that thousands of people enjoy each year during the fair and at other times.  Click below and read the sign for details for joining the train club.


I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  Photographs and web site by Mike Morrow.