If the following messages appear, follow the instructions.
For use with compatible battery only
Camera overheating Allow it to cool
Internal memory error
Reinsert the memory card.
This memory card is not formatted correctly.
This memory card may not be able to record or play images correctly.
Buffer overflow. Writing to the media was not completed in time.
The memory card is locked. Check the tab.
This is a read- only memory card.
Writing to the memory card was not completed correctly Recover data
No images
No still images
File found which was not recognized
Folder error. Cannot record to the selected folder. Please select a different folder.
Cannot create more folders
Empty folder contents
Folder protected
File Error.
Read only folder
File protected
Image size over limit
Unable to detect face for retouch
(Vibration warning indicator)
MP4 12M is not supported with this memory card.
MP4 6M is not supported with this memory card.
Turn the power off and on again
Maximum number of images already selected.
Error Playing Music
Error Formatting Music
Operation cannot be executed in unsupported files.
Preparing image database file. Please wait.
Inconsistencies found in image database file. Do you want to repair the image database file?
Image Database File error. Cannot recover data.
Recording function unavailable due to high internal temperature.
Recording has stopped due to increased camera temperature.
Connection failed
Some files were not sent
Some files were not received