Shooting still images/movies

Cannot record images.
Smile Shutter function does not work.
Anti-blur function does not work.
Recording takes a long time.
The image is out of focus.
Zoom does not work.
Cannot select the Face Detection function.
The flash does not work.
Fuzzy white circular spots appear in images shot using the flash.
The close-up shoot function (Macro) does not work.
The date and time are not displayed on the LCD screen.
The F value and shutter speed flash when you press and hold the shutter button halfway down.
The image colors are not correct.
Noise appears in the image when you view the screen in a dark place.
You can see a dark shadow on the image.
The eyes of the subject come out red.
Dots appear and remain on the screen.
Cannot shoot images in succession.
The same image is shot several times.
The camera rattles when shaken.
The camera clicks when zoomed.
The camera rattles during movie recording.