Printing at a shop

You can take a memory card containing images shot with the camera to a photo printing service shop. As long as the shop supports photo printing services conforming to DPOF, you can make a (Print order) mark on images in advance in the playback mode so that you do not have to reselect them when you print them out at the shop.
  • You cannot print images stored in the internal memory at a print shop directly from the camera. Copy the images to a memory card, then take the memory card to the print shop. [Details]

  • Consult your photo printing service shop as to what types of memory card they handle.

  • A memory card adaptor (sold separately) may be necessary. Consult your photo printing service shop.

  • Before you take image data to a shop, always copy (back up) your data to a disk.

  • You cannot set the number of prints.

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