Starting up “PMB Portable” (Macintosh)

When using with a Macintosh computer, it is necessary to set the region the first time. Perform the setting as explained below. After setting the region, steps 3-4 are unnecessary when used after that.
  1. Make a USB connection between the camera and a Macintosh computer.

When you connect the camera and your computer, [PMBPORTABLE] appears on the desktop.
Click [×] to close any unnecessary drives.
  1. Click [PMBP_Mac] in the [PMBPORTABLE] folder.

The Region Selection screen appears.
  1. Select the appropriate [Region] and [Country/Area], and then click [OK].

The User Agreement screen appears.
  1. Read the agreement carefully. If you accept the terms of the agreement, click [I Agree].

“PMB Portable” starts up.
  • “PMB Portable” is not supported for movies in [AVCHD view].

  • Set [LUN Setting] in [Main Settings] to [Multi].

  • If you cannot start up “PMB Portable”, set [USB Connect Setting] to [Mass Storage].

  • Always connect to a network when using “PMB Portable”.

  • When uploading images over the Internet, the cache may remain in the computer being used depending on the service provider. This is also true when this camera is used for this purpose.

  • When a bug occurs in “PMB Portable” or you delete “PMB Portable” by mistake, you can repair “PMB Portable” by downloading the PMB Portable installer from the website.

  • Movies in [AVCHD view] are movies recorded with [Movie format] set to [AVCHD 60i/60p] (for 1080 60i-compliant devices) or [AVCHD 50i/50p] (for 1080 50i-compliant devices).