Importing images to a computer (Macintosh)

  1. Connect the camera to your Macintosh computer first. Double-click the newly recognized icon on the desktop the folder where the images you want to import are stored.

  1. Drag and drop the image files to the hard disk icon.

The image files are copied to the hard disk.
  1. Double-click the hard disk icon the desired image file in the folder containing the copied files.

The image is displayed.
  • If operations are performed on files or folders for movies in [AVCHD view] on the camera from a PC while the camera is connected to a PC, the image file may be destroyed or playback may become impossible. Do not delete or copy movies in [AVCHD view] from a PC to the camera’s memory card. Sony bears no responsibility for the result of operations of this type.

  • The camera creates a 3D image by combining a JPEG file with an MPO file. If you delete either file on a PC, you cannot playback the 3D image.

  • Movies in [AVCHD view] are movies recorded with [Movie format] set to [AVCHD 60i/60p] (for 1080 60i-compliant devices) or [AVCHD 50i/50p] (for 1080 50i-compliant devices).