Importing images to a computer (Windows)

“PMB” allows you to easily import images.
For details on “PMB” functions, see the “PMB Help”.

Importing images to a computer without using “PMB”

When the AutoPlay Wizard appears after making a USB connection between the camera and a computer, click [Open folder to view files] [OK] [DCIM] or [MP_ROOT] copy the desired images to the computer.
  • Use “PMB” for operations such as when importing movies in [AVCHD view] to a computer.

  • If operations are performed on files or folders for movies in [AVCHD view] on the camera from a PC while the camera is connected to a PC, the image file may be destroyed or playback may become impossible. Do not delete or copy movies in [AVCHD view] from a PC to the camera’s memory card. Sony bears no responsibility for the result of operations of this type.

  • Use “PMB” to import the movies with GPS location information to a computer (DSC-HX100V only).

  • The camera creates a 3D image by combining a JPEG file with an MPO file. If you delete either file on a PC, you cannot playback the 3D image.

  • Movies in [AVCHD view] are movies recorded with [Movie format] set to [AVCHD 60i/60p] (for 1080 60i-compliant devices) or [AVCHD 50i/50p] (for 1080 50i-compliant devices).