Installing “PMB” and “Music Transfer” (Windows)

  1. Turn on your computer and insert the CD-ROM (supplied) into the CD-ROM drive.

The installation menu screen appears.
  1. Click [Install].

The “Choose Setup Language” screen appears.
  1. Select the desired language, then proceed to the following screen.

The “License Agreement” screen appears.
  1. Carefully read the agreement, click the radio button ( ) to accept the terms of the agreement, and then click [Next].

  1. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.

  1. Connect the camera to your computer when the connecting confirmation message appears.

  1. Remove the CD-ROM after the installation is complete.

  1. Start up the software.

  • Log on as Administrator.

  • When “PMB” is started up for the first time, the confirmation message of the Information tool appears on the screen. Select [Start].

  • If “PMB” has been already installed on your computer and that “PMB” version number is lower than that of the supplied CD-ROM, re-install “PMB” using the supplied CD-ROM.

  • If the version number is higher than that of the supplied CD-ROM, you do not need to re-install “PMB”. When you connect the camera and the computer via USB cable, the available “PMB” function is activated.

  • If “PMB” has already been installed on your computer and that “PMB” version number is lower than 5.0, some functions may become invalid after you install “PMB” using the supplied CD-ROM. Also, you can start up “PMB” or other various software from “PMB Launcher” installed at the same time. To start up “PMB Launcher” double-click (PMB Launcher) on the desktop.