Print (DPOF)

DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) is a function that allows you to specify the images of the memory card that you want to print out later.
The (Print order) mark is displayed for registered images.
  1. Press the (Playback) button to switch to playback mode.

  1. MENU Print (DPOF) desired mode on the control button

(This Image)
Orders printing the currently displayed image in single-image mode.
(Multiple Images)
You can select and order printing multiple images.
Do as the following, after step 2.
  1. Select an image then press .

Repeat the above steps until there are no more images to be printed.
Select an image with a mark to release the mark.
  1. MENU [OK]

  • The (Print order) mark cannot be added to the following images:

  • Movies

  • Images in the internal memory

  • You can add a (Print order) mark to a maximum 999 images.

Clearing the DPOF mark

Select the image to clear the DPOF registration, then press on the control button in the same procedure as when making a mark. The mark disappears and the DPOF registration is cleared.
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