Allows you to select unwanted images for deletion. You can also delete images using the / (Delete) button. [Details]
  1. Press the (Playback) button to switch to playback mode.

  1. MENU (Delete) desired mode on the control button

  1. [OK]

(All but This Image)
Deletes burst group images other than the selected image in Display Burst Group mode.
Press [OK] after step 2.
(All Imgs in This Burst Group)
Deletes all images in the selected burst group at once.
Press [OK] after step 2.
(This Image)
Deletes the currently displayed image in single-image mode.
(Multiple Images)
Allows you to select and delete multiple images.
Do as the following after step 2.
  1. Select an image then press .
    Repeat the above steps until there are no more images to be deleted. Select an image with a mark again to release the mark.

  1. MENU [OK]

(All Images on This Date)
(All in This Folder)
(All AVCHD view files)
Deletes all images in the selected date range or folder, or all movies in [AVCHD view] at once.
Press [OK] after step 2.

  • In Easy Mode, you can select from [1 image] or [All].

  • When the internal memory is used to record images, View Mode is set to Folder View and still images and movies are displayed in the same folder.

  • Movies in [AVCHD view] are the movies recorded with [Movie format] set to AVCHD 60i/60p (for 1080 60i-compliant devices) or AVCHD 50i/50p (for 1080 50i-compliant devices).

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