MENU items not available in some REC modes

In the table below, indicates settings that can be changed, while indicates settings that cannot be changed. The icons below indicate the available modes. A setting may be fixed or restricted depending on the shooting mode. For details, see each topic.

Scene Selection
Memory recall mode
Easy Mode
Defocus Effect
Still Image Size
Movie shooting scene
3D Shooting
Panorama Image Size
White Balance*1
White Balance Shift
ND Filter
Metering Mode
Burst Shooting Interval
Bracket Setting
Scene Recognition
Soft Skin Effect*2
Smile Shutter
Smile Detection Sensitivity
Face Detection*3
Flash Level
Color Mode
Color Saturation
Noise Reduction
Anti Blink
Movie Quality
Movie Size
Movie SteadyShot
Position Information (DSC-HX100V only)
Register Setting
In-Camera Guide

*1 [Flash] cannot be selected for [White Balance] when Scene Selection is set to (Anti Motion Blur), (Hand-held Twilight) or (High Sensitivity).
*2 [Off] cannot be selected for [Soft Skin Effect] when Scene Selection is set to (Soft Skin).
*3 [Off] cannot be selected for [Face Detection] when Scene Selection is set to (Soft Skin), (Soft Snap) or (Background Defocus).
  • Only the items that are available for each mode are displayed on the screen.

  • When the above shooting modes are registered and recalled in (Memory recall mode), the conditions for whether settings can be changed or not remain the same as in the above table.