Register Setting

Allows you to register up to 3 commonly-used modes or camera settings in the camera. You can recall the settings using (Memory recall mode).
  1. Set the camera to the setting you want to register.

  1. MENU (Register Setting) desired number on the control button [OK]

  • When correcting settings, follow steps 12 again.

Items that can be registered

Available shooting settings are as follows:

To recall registered settings

  1. Set the mode dial to (Memory recall mode).

  1. Select the desired number with on the control button.

  • If you set (Memory recall mode) after completing the shooting settings, the registered settings are given priority and the original settings may become invalid. Check the indicators on the screen before shooting.

  • You may not be able to set some MENU items depending on the selected REC mode. For details, see “MENU items not available in some REC modes.” [Details]

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