Metering Mode

Selects the metering mode that sets which part of the subject to measure to determine the exposure.
  1. MENU (Metering Mode) desired mode

Divides into multiple regions and measures each region. The camera determines a well-balanced exposure (Multi-pattern metering).

Measures the center of the image, and determines the exposure based on the brightness of the subject there (Center-weighted metering).

Align the spot metering cross hairs (A) on the subject to meter one part of the subject (Spot metering). This function is useful when the subject is backlit or when there is strong contrast between the subject and the background.

  • If you set [Metering Mode] to other than [Multi], the Face Detection function cannot be used.

  • You may not be able to set some MENU items depending on the selected REC mode. For details, see “MENU items not available in some REC modes.” [Details]