Viewing 3D images on a 3D TV

You can view 3D images recorded on the camera in 3D format by connecting the camera to a 3D TV using an HDMI Cable (sold separately).
Refer also to the operating instructions supplied with the TV.
  1. Turn off both the camera and the TV.

  1. Connect the camera to the TV using an HDMI Cable (sold separately).

A: HDMI jack
B: HDMI Cable
  1. Turn on the TV and set the input.

  1. Press the (Playback) button to turn on the camera.

  1. MENU (3D Viewing) on the control button

Images shot with the camera appear on the TV.
  1. Select images and set the desired mode using the control button.

Control button
Plays back scrolling images shot in 3D Sweep Panorama mode.
  • Press / to move the direction of scrolling.

  • When playing back a 3D image shot in [16:9] image size, scrolling playback is not available.

Continuously plays back only 3D images.
Previous image
Next image
Ends 3D playback.

  • When you select (3D Viewing) mode, only 3D images are displayed.

  • If you play back an image shot in [3D Still Image] or [3D Sweep Panorama] mode with the shooting direction set to up or down, the image is played back horizontally on the TV.

  • The beep sound is fixed to [Shutter].

  • Do not connect the camera and equipment to be connected using output terminals. When the camera and TV are connected using output terminals, no video and sound are produced. Such a connection can also cause trouble of the camera and/or connected equipment.

  • This function may not work properly with some TVs. For example, you may not be able to view a video on your TV, output in 3D mode or hear sound from the TV.

  • Use an HDMI Cable with the HDMI logo.

  • When connecting the camera to a TV, use an HDMI Cable that can be connected to the mini jack on the camera end and to the TV jack.

  • Recording may automatically stop to protect the camera after a period of time when you shoot movies in the condition where the camera and TV are connected by an HDMI Cable (sold separately).

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