3D Sweep Panorama

Multiple images are shot while the camera is moving, and these images are compiled into a 3D image. The recorded image can be played back on a 3D TV.
  1. Set the mode dial to (3D Shooting).

  1. (3D Sweep Panorama) on the control button

  1. Select a shooting direction with /// on the control button.

  1. Align the camera with the end of the subject to be shot and press the shutter button.

  1. Pan the camera to the end of the guide (B), following the indication on the LCD screen.

Tips for shooting in 3D Sweep Panorama mode
To take 3D images correctly, sweep the camera slowly. (Aim for a 5-second semicircle.)
If you are sweeping too quickly or too slowly, a message will be displayed on the LCD screen.
We recommend that you practice it several times before shooting.
Subjects at rest are best suited for 3D shots.
  • Determine the scene and press the shutter button halfway, so that you can lock the focus, exposure and white balance. Then, press the shutter button fully down and pan the camera.

  • 3D shooting is not suitable for the following situations:

  • When there is a large subject

  • Moving subjects

  • When the main subject is too close to the camera

  • Images with little contrast, such as the sky, a sandy beach, or lawn

  • 3D images consist of a JPEG file and an MPO file. If either file is deleted on your PC, the camera may not operate correctly.

  • If you cannot pan the camera across the entire subject within the given time, a gray area occurs in the composite image. If this happens, move the camera faster to record a full 3D image.

  • Since several images are stitched together, the stitched part will not be recorded smoothly.

  • Under low light conditions, the images may be blurred. It is recommended that you shoot images in bright outside light.

  • Under lights that flicker, such as fluorescent lights, the 3D shot may not be successful.

  • If the entire angle of view of the 3D shot and the angle of view when the AE/AF was locked are extremely different in brightness, color or focus, the shot will not be successful. If this happens, change the location of the AE/AF lock and try again.

  • 3D shooting may be canceled in the following situations:

  • You pan the camera too quickly or too slowly.

  • There is too much camera shake.

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