Adjusts the luminous sensitivity when the camera is set to Manual Exposure Shooting, Program Auto or (Advanced Sports Shooting) in Scene Selection. Adjusts the sensitivity using the control button in Manual Exposure Shooting Mode.
  1. Press the jog dial to select the ISO sensitivity.

  1. Turn the jog dial to select desired value.

Sets the ISO sensitivity automatically.

You can reduce image blurring in dark locations or with moving subjects by increasing the ISO sensitivity (select a larger number).

The ISO number in the table above is the representative value.
Turning the jog dial increases or decreases the ISO sensitivity by increments of 1/3 as follows:
ISO100 ISO125 ISO160 ISO200 ... ISO3200
Adjusting ISO Sensitivity (Recommended Exposure Index)
ISO sensitivity is a speed rating for recording media that incorporates an image sensor that receives light. Even when the exposure is the same, images differ depending on the ISO sensitivity.
High ISO sensitivity
Records a bright image even in dark locations while increasing shutter speed to reduce blur.
However, the image tends to become noisy.
Low ISO sensitivity
Records a smoother image.
However, when the exposure is insufficient, the image may become darker.
Hints for preventing blur
Even though the camera is steady, the subject moves during the exposure and is captured blurred when the shutter button is pressed. Camera shake is reduced automatically, however, the function does not effectively reduce subject blur. Subject blur occurs frequently under low-light or slow shutter speed conditions.
In such case, shoot with the below tips in mind.
  • Select a higher ISO sensitivity so that the shutter speed is faster.

  • Select (High Sensitivity) mode in Scene Selection.

  • You cannot select [Auto] when the camera is set to Manual Exposure Shooting. [ISO 100] is the default setting.

  • You can select only from [ISO AUTO], [ISO 100] to [ISO 800] when the shooting mode is set to burst or bracket shooting mode.

  • You may not be able to set some functions depending on the selected REC mode. For details, see “Functions not available in some REC modes.” [Details]

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