You can select Single (single-image), Burst or Bracket as the shooting mode.
  1. Press (Burst Settings) on the control button.

  1. Select the desired mode with the control button.

The camera shoots a single image.

The camera shoots up to 10 continuous frames in one burst when you hold down the shutter button.

The camera shoots a series of 3 images each with a different setting.

  • [Flash] is set to [Off].

  • When recording with the self-timer, a series of up to 10 images is recorded if [Burst] is selected and a series of 3 images, each with different settings, is recorded if [Bracket] is selected.

  • When [Burst] is selected, [Focus], [White Balance], and [EV ] are adjusted for the first image, and these settings are also used for the other images.

  • When the battery level is low, or when the internal memory or a memory card is full, the burst stops.

  • [VGA] image size will be set while recording on internal memory.

  • You may not be able to set some functions or MENU items depending on the selected REC mode. For details, see “Functions not available in some REC modes” [Details] and “MENU items not available in some REC modes.” [Details]

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