Tracking focus

The camera tracks the subject and adjusts focus automatically until you press the shutter button halfway down, even if the subject is moving.
  1. Press on the control button.

The target frame appears.
  1. Place the target frame over the subject you want to focus on, and press .

Tracking begins.
  1. Press the shutter button halfway down.

The position of the subject, focus and exposure are locked.
  1. Press the shutter button fully down to shoot the image.

  1. To cancel the tracking focus before shooting, press again.

Tracking a face
If you use the tracking focus function while the Face Detection function is activated, you can select a face to be given priority and register that face with the camera. Even if the registered face disappears from the LCD screen, when it shows up on the LCD screen again, the camera focuses on the registered face.
  • When a specified face is registered in the camera memory and you use the Smile Shutter function, the camera searches only for that face’s smile.

  • Tracking focus may fail to lock the focus, lose the subject or track different subject in the following situations:

  • The subject moves too quickly.

  • The subject is too small or too large.

  • The subject is the same color as the background.

  • Under low light conditions.

  • Under conditions where the brightness varies.

  • Tracking focus is not available in the following situations:

  • When using the digital zoom

  • When [Focus] is set to [Flexible Spot AF] or manual focus mode.

  • Tracking focus will automatically be canceled when the subject disappears from the screen or has failed to be tracked. However, if the target of the tracking focus is a specified face, the camera keeps tracking on that face even if the face disappears from the screen.

  • You may not be able to set some functions depending on the selected REC mode. For details, see “Functions not available in some REC modes.” [Details]