Shooting still images while recording a movie (Dual Rec)

You can shoot still images while recording a movie. The camera keeps recording the movie even if you shoot still images.
  1. Press the MOVIE (Movie) button to start recording a movie.

  1. Press the shutter button.

A still image is recorded.
  1. Press the MOVIE button to stop recording the movie.

After recording movies, the recorded still images are displayed in frames on the LCD screen.
  • When movies are recorded in [AVC HD 28M (PS)] quality, you cannot use [Dual Rec].

  • The sound of the shutter button operating may be recorded.

  • Flash is not available for shooting still images during movie recording.

  • The image size of still images is fixed to [16:9 (3M)]. If the movie image size is set to [MP4 3M], the still image size is fixed to [4:3 (2M)].

  • When the Smile Shutter function is set to [On], the shutter releases automatically each time the camera detects a smiling face. You cannot switch [On] or [Off] for Smile Shutter during movie recording.

  • When the camera is on [Standby] in (Movie Mode), you cannot use [Smile Shutter].

  • If the memory card capacity is insufficient, appears on the screen. This icon indicates that no more still images can be shot.