In-Camera Guide

This camera contains an internal function guide. This allows you to search the camera’s functions according to your needs.
You can use the selected function after reading the guide.
  1. Press the / (In-Camera Guide) button.

When shooting images:
[In-Camera Guide] search methods are displayed.
When viewing images:
[Delete/In-Camera Guide] are displayed.
Select [In-Camera Guide].
  1. Select a search method.

Search method
Shoot/ playback guide
Search for various operation functions in shooting/viewing mode.
Icon guide
Search the function and meaning of displayed icons.
Search common problems and their solution.
Objective guide
Search functions according to your needs.
Search functions by key words.
Display the last 12 items displayed in [In-Camera Guide].

An operation guide is displayed so that you can operate the camera following the instructions on the screen.
This is explained in [Shoot/ playback guide].
  1. Select the desired mode.

Functions available in the selected function is displayed.
  1. Select the desired function, then press on the control button.

The operation guide for the selected function is displayed.
  1. Use / to switch the display from summary to operation to details.

  1. To end [In-Camera Guide], press / (In-Camera Guide) button.

  • / (In-Camera Guide) button is not available in Easy Mode.

  • [Use this function] may not be available, depending on the selected functions.